Monday, September 21, 2015

958. Split Up

Stylelist :
Hair : Rebel & Gal and Bold & Beauty - Divanopka (with hud) (GG)
Top : The Little Bat - Vamped Blazer with shirt (comes with pants) (LB, rotating prizes)
Skirt : Fi's Creations - HEARTBURN Set - Skirt Pink & Green (comes with top) (The Totally Wrong Hunt, Sep 9 - 30)
Shoes : [Iconica] - Nun'Your Beezwax Shoes ASTER (Box 9) (Sep Mini Hunt @ Free Dove, look for 10 mini boxes)
Bag : [Iconica] - Nun'Your Beezwax Clutch ASTER (Box 1) (Sep Mini Hunt @ Free Dove)
Necklace : LUMINESSE - Amythyst Pearl Gold Necklace (Free @ Free Dove)

Hair : MOON - Dissolve (with hud) (GG, fee to join)
Sunglasses : Mayden couture - Florence Green Sunglasses (Free @ Marketplace)
Sweater : KANDOUR - plain sweater (Khaki) (Free @ Marketplace)
Shoes : N-core - REBEL "Wild" (GG, fee to join)
Bag : Pixel Perfect Productions - Give a Hoot Purse (Womenstuff Hunt)

[Iconica] Mini Hunt @ Free Dove (Sep 1 - 30)

(L) Comfy Jeggings FADED (Box 5)
(R) Comfy Workout Set GREY (Box 4), Comfy Socks (Box 3)

(1) Slinky Platform Sandals BLUE (Box 2)
(2) PeepersKeepers GOLD (Box 8)
(3) MISA Booties BLACK (Box 6)
(4) MeMe Sueded PullOn Platform Boots FOREST (Box 7)
(5) Woven Leather Boots CAMEL (Box 10)


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