Saturday, August 4, 2012

541. Dancing In The Square

Stylelist :
Top : TokiD - summer top (sky) (Past gift, now sold at normal price in store)
Collar : tram - scallop collars (Group gift, check notice)
Skirt : - Myknos Skirt Sexy Leopard (1L)
Shoes : Honey*Kitty - (naivy) ribbon ruffle flats (Lucky board, not sure if still available)
Gown : Yips - going to be beautiful dress (comes with dance animation) (Free)

Stylelist :
Hair : cafe Loops - gift hair blonde (Free)
Shirt : *saya*  - Brown Turtleneck (Free)
Jacket : - Carmen Blazer Beige (1L)
Pants : - Kamy Short NE Gold (1L)
Shoes : Koko - Urban wrap boots (Group gift)
Necklace : add9 - cigar case (Group gift, check notice)

Hair : D!va - Hair "Akane" (Group gift)
Glasses : Arisaris - white sunglasses (Group gift)
Dress : [Blossom] - Sweet Peplum July (SOM gift, check notice)
Shoes : Tara Shoes - Michelle Top High Heels Milk (MM Board)
Earrings : FZaPP - Earrings Black (SOM gift)

Stylelist :
Hair : Iren - Spirit (past gift)
Tank : bleak. - LazyTank 2.0 (Free)
Skirt : Ego - Katherine Outfit (Skirt part) (Group gift)
Leggings : id. - legging de'tec (1L)
Shoes : Angel Alphaville - 72 Pink (lucky board)
Mouth : Rivendell - I Caught A Seahorse (Lollipop Guild Hunt)
Tattoo : piccara - Love = me + you! tat (Makeup & Tattoo Hunt)

Hair : Secret Hairs  - Some Hair - Nara Hair (Dare2Bare Hunt)
Outfit : - Sofia Romper Ravena (1L)
Bangles : ALOKA - Summer Bangles (Sorry for the late post, no longer available)
Necklace : MG - Necklace - Lost Eden (Past gift)
Shoes : Tara Shoes - Bare Feet and Flat Strap Sandals Scarlett Brown (MM board)

A Little Note from Cherie
I have a news to annouce today. This will be my last post for this blog. It is time for me to move on to another platform and do something else. I will always treasured my journey as SL fashion blogger, had so much fun and met so many great people ! ^^
A few people i wanna thank :
1) Thanks to all the designers for your creativity & generosity, without u guys, this blog couldn't even exist
2) Thanks  to all the visitors for droppping by, i hope you have fun exploring my blog and found some great stuff along the way. Big thank you to those who has taken yr time to write me yr comment here & in my flickr pictures , always good to get some feedback about the "mess" i hv done, hahaha, hugs & kisses !!
3) Last but not least, special thanks to all my followers, yr little pictures add so many colors to my blog ! thank you so much for the loves ^^
Ok, that's it, not very good at words, LOL, stay happy and healthy ! Kisssssssssssssssss

Love & Peace
Cherie, xoxo

Thursday, August 2, 2012

540. If You Read This, I Love You

Stylelist :
Hair : Wasabi Pills - Teeloh (Past gift)
Sweater : songhwa - mesh_Net Knit Sweater (black) (1L)
Top : Insatiable Fashions - {Bikini} Zebra [Gold and White] (Free)
Pants : Amour Signature - Yana Shorts (Mesh) )(Part of an Outfit) (Past Hunt gift)
Belt : Echo - leitmotif mesh knotted belt (part of pants) (Group gift)
Shoes : Tara Shoes - Bare Feet and Flat Strap Sandals (New MM Board)
Earrings : ELUZION - Kathia Earrings (Free)
Skin : Filthy - August Group gift (Fee to join)

Hair : Analog Dog - pause puff (Free)
Top : Pirate Arts - Pray Off Shoulder Shirt (Group gift)
Pants : {moSmo} - Amazonian Trbal Leggings (1L @ Marketplace)
Shoes : Tara Shoes - Michelle Top High Heels Milk (MM Board)
Earrings : Arisaris - Earrings Pearls and circles copia (Free @ Vanity Fair)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

539. When Will I See You Again

Stylelist :
Hair : Alice Project - Tessa Bangless - Infinity (Past gift)
Top : Blue Slush - Cropped Laced Up White *Mesh (Group gift)
Bikini : Blue Slush - Lace set rainbow (Group gift)
Pants : D R O P. - SwimPants - Paisley Blue (Free @ 100 Festival)
Shoes : Babouche - white (Free)
Bag : Lyrieal's Boutique - Music Festival Shoulder Bag (comes with complete outfit) (1L, iTouch Hunt : RRH)
Pig ears & nose : Sheep Door - It's JOKE (Free, on counter)
Arm Tattoo : Mother Goose's - group gift tattoo - kids (Free)
Belly Tattoo : .Sugar&Cyanide - Words Fail (Past gift) & Mother Goose's - strawberry (Free)
Skin : CENSORED - Sunshine Skin (1L @ Vanity Fair)

Hair : Kiedis - Josh (Free @ 100 Festival)
Top : izm. - mesh short loose cami (Kai Mahalo Group gift)
Bikini : HARE - SwimWear (Free @ 100 Festival)
Pants : PEER - Baggies Blue Distressed (Free @ Vanity Fair)
Shoes : Balkanik 2.0 - Espadrillias hawaii (Group gift)
Bag : izm. - backpack (Kai Mahalo's Group gift)
Mouth : FreakyDesign - Nerdy Panda Mouthie (Mouth Accessories Hunt)
Arm Tattoo : Mother Goose's - Skull (Free)
Belly Tattoo : .Sugar&Cyanide - Music (Past gift)