Thursday, September 10, 2015

950. Sweet dreams, baby

Stylelist :
Hair : PINK HUSTLER - 8015(2) Blonde (Prize Camp for 20 mins) (Sit on any float tube or towel by the pool, each give different hair color)
Sweater : {amiable} - 1700 member's Group Gift Sweater (GG)
Scarf : !gO! - scarf gold - pink (Past Gift)
Pants : Baby Monkey - Edita Pants All Colours (GG, fee to join)
Bag : SHEY - Relax Club 2 Handbag (Free @ Relax Club)
Ice Cream : Free, ice cream cart next to SHEY relax bag

Hair : Zalea - Fiona  - Grand Opening Gift Pack (Free)
Hat : Perfect Wirefly - Hat 4.0 (Free @ Marketplace)
Top : ::K:: - Villa Vest Homme/Femme Marsala (Men Only Hunt 6)
Skirt : BITTER Sweet - Sweettart Mini Skirt - Gray (GG)
Shoes with socks : Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes - NolaAB BlackPat (hud for socks) (Womenstuff Hunt)
Bag : C'est La Vie! - Heart Bag (with hud) (GG)
Necklace : Euphoria - Lipstick Luv Necklace (Free @ Marketplace)
Lollipop : Static - HeartPOP (Free)

Background : Pr!tty Mainstore


  1. Thank you so much for wearing my sweater<3<3 I am glad to see it!!
    Your coordinate is alway amazing. I am fun of your blog.

    Thank you so much!!!! from {amiable}

    1. Awww.. thanks nodoka, glad you like the post, we want more from {amiable} !!! haha, always great quality products from you <333
      Btw, I just realize back then you are the owner of "Hairshop Nodoka" huh? love your hairs ! you are very talented girl :D
      See you around, nodoka, have a nice day ! ^^