Saturday, April 12, 2014

777. On Behalf Of The Moon

Stylelist :
Hair : Pelle - Lolita MESH Hair (GG)
Tiara : Moon Tiara - Sync and Weapon (Free @ Cutie Moon Fair, not sure when the event ends)
Outfit : DruWear - Nile Dress (The Great Pyramid Hunt, April 1 - 30)
Shoes : Brii Underground Wear - Hamptons Spring Complete Outfit (spring sandal) (Past Hunt Gift)
Bag : VinCue - Bunny+Bag - Tangerine (Past Hunt Gift)
Necklace : Cutie Moon Fair Locket (Free @ Cutie Moon Fair)
Wand : Pinku*Pantsu - Surprise Gift - Magic Heart Wand w/wings glitter (Free @ Marketplace)
Pets/Toys : [SIMEUSAKO] - okiniiri set

More freebies @ SIMEUSAKO (tips if u can)


  1. will you pls let me know where to find the headband at Eticeler? I could not find it.
    thanks for blogging free items you find.

    1. Hi, Luc

      I hope u got my msg and wearing the headband now, hehe