Sunday, April 6, 2014

771. Ogenki desu ka ?

Stylelist :
Hair : *Milk* Hair  - Oh Cecilia (GG)
Headband : G Field - Flower Headband (4 colors) (Japan Fair 2014 Welcome Gift)
Dress : [solita] - Kossori Gift 18 - Sakura Dress "Tami" (GG, this is a special dress from solita, <3)
Shoes : Shoeonique Designs - Mens Retro Shoes (comes with female gift, see post #769 ) (1L, Happy Birthday Hunt)
Lantern : Candy Crunchers - Lantern Usagi - Pink (Easter Egg Hunt @ Easter Market)
Tree : WildRose Design - Dreamy Days (Evil Bunny Hunt4)
Skin : Mother Goose's - MiMi (1L)

Finally cherry blossoms are blooming out everywhere in my city, but my RL grandma, who was born in this season, passed away without seeing beautiful blossoms. I named "Tami" - her name - as new Kossori Gift Dress so that grandma can enjoy this world's spring season by someone putting on it:) I really hope you'll enjoy it:) Thank you, all:))

R.I.P Grandma Tami


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