Sunday, October 20, 2013

662. What flavor are you ?

Stylelist :
Hair : Eaters Coma - Gift no.3 (GG)
Shirt : Ydea - Loren Men (shirt part) (GG)
Sweater : [Castellian] - Short Sweater - Lime (1L @ Marketplace)
Pants : Poised - Craved Mesh Slim Skinny (GG)
Shoes : TCHUCA DESIGN - Shoes Divas (GG)
Necklace : Goth1c0 - Durango Necklace Marble Brown (1L @ The Boho Culture Fair 2013)
Bag : Dreams Of Peace - Spiderweb & Skeleton Purse (Free, Cosmopolitan Sales Room 1st Anniversary Hunt, look for cake)
Both Eyes : cStar Limited - Pure Eyes - Rock (Free @ TBCF)
Both Hand : MoiMoi - Sbucks Frappucino (5 flavor) (1L )

Hair : little bones. - Zeitgeist - Ink Pot (New GG, check notice 19/10)
Glasses : Zup - Mesh Nerd Glasses (Old Gift)
Blazer : CMSCO. - Mesh Brown Tweed Blazer (1L @ Marketplace)
Top : .Mes Secreries. - Summer Top Black (Free or 1L @ TBCF)
Pants : Zanzo - Streetwise Skinny Pants (GG)
Shoes : Ydea - Coco Outfit (shoes part) (GG)
Necklace : Just You Jewels - Necklace Just Love (1L @ TBCF)
Bag : DEW - Boho Clutch (Free @ TBCF)


  1. Hello! I would love to have informations about that skin! So much cute!
    I adore your blog so much. Thank you!

    1. Thanks baguncario ! ^^
      The skin is from Mother goose's "Sisi III", i hv been using it for many posts so far, i added it with lipsticks from Pink Acid and eyeliner from CIA (but no longer available). U can find links to both Mother Goose's & Pink Acid in my posts. Hope this can help u ^^, Have a nice day ! <333

    2. PS : the lipsticks from Pink Acid is a hunt gift if i am not mistake, it is in the centre of the shop, where u will see 2 little table with some lipsticks and gift boxes. I hv posted it b4 ;-P