Thursday, October 31, 2013

671. No More Tears

Stylelist :
Hair : Analog Dog - pop scotch - splash (with texture hud) (New Freeball on the beach)
Dress : {U:Refined} - Heart You Dress Pink (GG)
Both Skin : Glam Affair - Vero - Horror edition (GG, fee to join)
Both Lollipop : NS :: - Halloween Lollipop (with texture hud) (5L)

Hair : Emphique - Chloe Halloween (modified color) (can wear without the stashe) (SL Frees & Offers GG)
Dress : {ViVi} - Amour - Passionate Pink (SOM Gift)


  1. how do you modfy the mesh hair?

    1. Hi, Pixie, i go to edit mode and texture column, and tint the color, because the original orange-ish didnt match my post, so i tint to darker color. Hope this will help ^^.
      Have a nice day ;-)