Thursday, March 8, 2012

412. Children's Playground

Stylelist :
Hair : Chichickie! - Zoey - Gift colors (SOM gift)
Outfit : Nachtigall - Basic top brown, mesh leather mini skirt, crochet leggings & mesh socks (The Fresh Unknow Hunt gift, 1L)
Sweater : Pepper - Cozy Sweater - BLACK - Belted (Group gift, fee to join)
Shoes : Kennedy's - Super High Chuck (can change color) (Twisted Hunt gift)
Gloves : Cute Bytes - Socks Puppets - Sesame Street (Hunt has ended, the item still in store now, but dont know for how long)
Backpack : LoLo Ville - Spring Time Bear Backpack (Spring Break Hunt gift)
Skin : Mother Goose's - Minji

Hair : Exile - Bring it on ! Frosted (SOM gift, check history)
Outfit : Sheep Door - School Uniform Girl (Group lucky board)
Jacket : Poison - Motor bike jacket - brown & yellow (MM board)
Shoes : Kennedy's - Skully Chucks (SOM gift, check history)
Glasses : The Wrigglesworth's Residence - Horn Rimmed Glasses (1L @ Marketplace)
Backpack : SoKen KiDs - Green Eyed Panda Backpack (Greeny Hunt gift, until 31st march)
Pinwheel : Waterland - kazaguruma 02* (Free)
Skin : Al Vulo - may*stardust porcellain (Past gift)
Ao : SoKen KiDs (1L)
Background : Tableau

Note : SoKen KiDs has several cute & fun hunt prizes in the store now, including these 2 :

Take Back The Night Hunt Prize - Midnight hideout pillow fort

 Lil Bits Hunt Prize - Lil Bitty Bunny Backpack


  1. Paultons theme park
    Playgrounds,aside from mother and father, are kid's first professors. This is where they create many of their engine and decision-making abilities.

    1. thanks so much for blogging my soken kids hunt products! I very much appreciate it cherie <3

      Kezzy Ugimachi

    2. Hi, jabroon

      If the adult continue to create more wars, nucklear weapons and pollution to this world, the children will lost their playground in future, sigh....

  2. Hi, Kezia

    Thanks for giving us so many incredible hunt prizes ! Love all the details u put on each one of them, soken kids are cool kid XD