Saturday, March 3, 2012

407. Where have all the bunnies gone ?

Stylelist :

Hair : Exile - Happy Holidasy - Veronique - Autumn:Fawn (SOM gift, check notice)
Outfit : World End Garden - ALICE another (RMK Gothic Sim 's Bunny Hunt, go to the official website for hunt info and instructions. You need some luck for this hunt because the bunny rezz random prizes, so good luck :D)
Shoes : Dino's Bootique - Flames Shoes (WOMENstuff Hunt gift, dont know how long it will be there since the hunt has ended)
Bear : Teddy Bear [Alice] (RMK Bunny Hunt)
Nails : Scrub - Purple Fusion Nails (SOM gift)
Tattoo : MAI-COH - Nosebleed with tears (Free)
Veil :  Tarnished - Black Widow Veil (Tainted Love Hunt gift)
Skin : Mother Goose's - Biscuit (Lucky board)

Hair : YunA'sHair  - Maria 2 (Group gift)
Outfit : Dimbula Rose - White Rabbit Outfit (RMK Bunny Hunt)
Shoes : <GC> - Omega Bravo Boots - Red (Killing Cupid Hunt gift, until 4th March)
Tongue : Scrub - S Valentine Tongue (My Rotting Valentine Hunt gift, until 4th March)
Skin : Mother Goose's -  Lio (1L)

Hair : YunA'sHAIR  - Maria (Group gift)
Outfit : RMK - Prince of Heart (RMK Bunny Hunt)
Shoes : VERSHE - Clunkers : Gothic (SOM gift)
Skin : MY UGLYDOROTHY - Anouk (not sure if still available)

Hair : Ribbon - Hair (Black Ribbon) Blond (Lucky board @ RMK)
Outfit : HELLOworld - Are you alice? (RMK Bunny Hunt)
Shoes : H.LUZZA - floral pump (Group gift)
Earrings : Primalot - Bombastic Earrings (SOM gift, check history)
Nails : Down Down Down - Glove nails Blue*Red (Free)
Skin : MY UGLYDOROTHY - February group gift

Hair : Action Womens Hair - Tina (March group gift, fee to join)
Outfit : Ribbon - Cheshire Cat room wear (RMK Bunny Hunt)
Shoes : Death Row Designs - Combat boot camouflage (Group MM board)
Tights : 1mm - Catdot tights  (Group gift)
Skin : Mother Goose's - Barbara (New lucky board)
Eyeliner : P.ArT - Foxy kitty eyeliner (Past gift)

Hair : Action Womens Hair - Tina (March group gift)
Outfit : chocolate atelier - Sweet Rose dress "alice" (RMK Bunny Hunt)
Skin : Mother Goose's - Ariel (New lucky board)
Tea set : Wretched Dollies - Vintage Floral Tea Set (RMK Bunny Hunt)

Cake : poche - sweets cake of a wonderland (RMK Bunny Hunt)

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