Thursday, November 10, 2011

373. Dura Dura

Stylelist :
Hair : Dura - celebration gift (black) (Group gift, tp to unisex hair)
Top : MONS - Fera Bodysuit (SOM gift)
Pants : People - Teddy Silver Outfit (pants part) (Group gift)
Earrings : Eluzion - Yessenia Earrings (SOM gift, check history)
Bracelet : Chop Zuey - Sedona Sunset Bracelet (I Love Cupcake Hunt gift,  Hint : "Belle Bijoux" section)
Ring : Kotolier - "Reinette" Ring III Gold (Free)
Skin : CENSORED - Alice (Anniversary group gift)
Lipstick & Freckles : Cupcakes - The Great Pumpkin Hunt

Hair : Dura - celebration gift (blonde) (Group gift)
Outfit : Crickets - Drake Full Outfit 3 Graphics Tshirt (Male group gift)
Scarf : Von Cafe - Striped Knit Scarf (Aqua & Blue, Red & Grey) (Free)
Necklace : BareCode - Breast Cancer Support Tree Necklace (Free @ Marketplace)
Bag : inSight Designs Textures - Carpet bag *decorative only* (modified, unlinked the shadow) (Group gift)
Skin : Mother Goose's - Ulika (Lucky board)

Hair : Dura - celebration gift (Ash Brown) (Group gift)
Top : Argyle Anonymous - Big Baggy Sweater (The Dirty Turkey Hunt 2.0)
Skirt : Phoenix Rising - Pencil skirt in brown (1L, one of the mix box on floor)
Shoes : Blackheart Designs - The Americana Boot (Veterans Salute Hunt, look for red poppy)
Giraffe : Atooly by rockstarroo GossipGirl - Mr & Mrs Giraffe - Keegan girl giraffe (Group gift or SOM gift? not sure if still available)
Candy corn : Acid & Mala - I <3 Candy corn Halloween'11 Freebies 5/7 & 1/7 (Hunt in store, look for candy corn)
Eyelashes : Mother Goose's - Pointed Lashes (Lucky board)
Skin : slow loris - gift skin 1 (SOM gift)
Background : BehaviorBody Photo Room (Free)


  1. Hello, we are a new SL blog about fashion and wanted to know if you accept affiliations, or something like that, I do not know the term used. Exchanging links, heheheh

  2. Hi,:-)

    Sure, would love to exchange link with u, just show me the link to your blog :D

    Hv a nice day !