Wednesday, November 9, 2011

372. d.Select

Stylelist :
Hair: !lamb - Heart - Honeycomb Roots (SOM old gift, still available, check history)
Dress : CENSORED - Emi Dress (Group gift)
Cardigan : bonne chance! - Brownie cardigan Yellow (Lucky board)
Shoes : Baby Monkey - Ultimate Suzi Teal (Lucky board)
Bag : C'est La Vie! - fur Purse (Past gift)
Eyeliner : Filthy - Eyeliner2 (Group gift, fee to join)
Skin : d.Select - Skin Zoe No.5 Spring brown PROMO "VERY freckled" (Free, all skin comes with shape and modifiable)

Hair : Dura - celebration gift (3 colors) (Group gift)
Bow : Magika - Kawaii Bow (SOM welcome gift)
Top : Vinyl Cafe Addicts - Military Jacket (Group gift)
Pants : Fa Creations - Hunt outfit (jeans & knitted stocking) (1L, D4D Hunt gift)
Shoes : Pixel Mode - Luna : Leopard Heels (SOM gift, check history)
Socks : JANE - lil piggies tights.fuzzy.bk charcoal (SOM gift, check history)
Bag : Fear Yourself - Vintage Bag Wool (Mushroom Hunting gift, ends 20th Nov, Hint : Black cat)
Skin : d.Select -Skin Zoe No.4 Winter brown PROMO "mustache" (Free)

Hair : RubisoHo - (Group lucky board)
Top : Fa Creations - Hunt outfit (Shirt & Vest) (1L, D4D Hunt gift)
Skirt : Furore - Extra Mini Skirt (comes with a tshirt) (I Love Cupcake Hunt gift)
Scarf : aberrant - SPF scarf (Season's Palette Hunt gift)
Tights : JANE - lil piggies rose (SOM gift, check history)
Shoes : Latreia - Inverse USA (Veterans Salute Hunt gift, ends 13th Nov, look for red poppy)
Gloves : Klamotte - Bubblegum gloves (1L, The Unknown Hunt gift)
Bag : Honey Kitty - cat fuwafuwa bag (Group gift)
Skin : d.Select - Skin Kiddo PROMO "War Painting" (Free)

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