Monday, March 14, 2011

169. {NSD}{S@BBiA}{M*G*S}Grumble}{CIA}{Milana}{Prim&Pixel}{Dilly Dolls}

Stylelist :
Hair : EMO-tions - Obsession/naturals (3 colors with texture hud) (DIMH2 gift, until 11th April)
Shirt : NSD - Rebel Tshirt Orange (Euphoria Hunt gift, look for a green E)
Jacket : S@BBiA - 2nd Anniversary Jacket (Group gift)
Pants : M*G*S - Flower Denim Short Pants (Free)
Shoes : Grumble - Suede Studded Chocolate (75L, Gift card from MM board, thanks Grumble! Note: There are still 2 MM board of 1000L & 500L gift card in store, plus 3 product MM board)
Bag : Indyra Originals - "Fab" Hobo White (Free@Costa Rica)
Necklace : Milady's - Sparkle Gold Necklace (Free@Marketplace)
Bangles : Mood - Moxie Bangles (Rose) (DIMH2 gift)

Hair : Milana - Olive - Fatpack (SOM gift) (This hair is cool, just need to wear the hud and u can change the color so easily!)
Shirt  : CIA Designs - Call me colourfull (Euphoria Hunt gift)
Innerwear : Prim & Pixel - Little White Dress (Free@FabFree HQ)
Pants : Censored - Friend Bear Short (10L)
Shoes : Dilly Dolls - Freddi Lace Boots (Twisted Hunt gift, until 31st March, on top of big box at centre)
Bag : HouseofFox -PS1 Suede Satchel (Turquoise) (Free)
Necklace : Pepper - Book Necklace (Free)

Skin : Mother Goose's - Johanna (Group gift)
Eyeshadow : Miamai - XGen LashNLiner (Group gift)

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