Monday, March 7, 2011

159. {Y&R}{Grumble}{Bad At Croquet}{SE*Designz}{S@BBiA}{PomPomPom}{So Many Styles}

Stylelist :
Hair : Beautiful Dirty Rich - Maddy Hair Coral (Color modified) (Free@Marketplace)
Hat : Bad At Croquet - Borsalino Hat (The French Touch Hunt gift, until 13th March , look for eiffel tower)
Top : Y&R - I Love Vintage (Group gift)
Skirt : Grumble - Womens Empire Dress Green (Gift card from MM board, thanks Grumble!)
Bag : SE*Designz - Shoulder bag - vintage (Group gift)
Necklace : BBear & LilThing Creations - Dark Desires Necklace (womens) (Twisted Hunt gift, until 31st March)
Tattoo : La Malvada Mujer - I Love Courtney Love (Free, a few freebies & cheapies there to pick up)

Hair : Kin - Old Hair Freebies - Kestrel - Blonde (Free)
Dress : S@BBiA - Dress Lace Border Pink (Lucky board)
Pants : PomPomPom - White Line Jeans (Fist Pump With The Best Hunt gift, until 3rd April, look for a heart, note : can only take one time, hint : roof top)
Bag : Bad At Croquet - Vintage Leather Suitcase (The French Touch Hunt gift)
Belt : So Many Styles - Wrap Belt Red (Group gift)
Earrings : Hurrem - Belis Earrings (past hunt gift)

Blogged before :
Skin : Frick - Flourish - Pale
Eyeshadow : Pandora's Box - Emo Eyeshadow Freebie
Shoes : Grumble - Mary Jane Shoes

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