Monday, October 20, 2014

862. The Florist

Stylelist :
Hair : D!va - Hair "Vivienne" (Ruby-Flower) (Mimi's Choice GG)
Outfit : Precious Designs - Shes Mine (with texture hud) (SL F&O GG) Many gifts!
Shoes : LIKE DESIGN - Lona Shoes Red (Slink High) (SL F&O GG)
Flowers : NSP Florals - Wild Flower Bouquet (Blue&White) +Hair Add-on (October GG, fee to join)

Hair : MOON{Hair}. - Elastic Heart (with hud) (GG)
Crown : NSP Florals - Lady Gwynevere (Sublime Mint) (GG, fee to join)
Dress : Waffle! - Belted Halter Dress [babyblue & hummingbird] (1L, Sugar Dust Hunt, Oct 1 - 31)
Shoes : Latreia Shoes - BrayLynn Halloween (Slink High)(GG, fee to join)
Butterfly : A:S:S deLuxe - Le Papillion Noir (nose) (Free @ Marketplace)

Stylelist :
Hair : MOON{Hair}. - Flowers of December (with hud) (GG)
Flowers : NSP Florals - Flower Child Summer Sizzle (Past Gift)
Glasses : 2:00 PM - Bon Bon Glasses (GG)
Outfit : !gO! - Mr. & Mrs. Horror (GG, fee to join)
Shoes : {kokoia} - Hekou :: Shoes :: Flower White (1L, GG)
Bag : Psychotropia - Gift bag, the content is a pair of heels, see post #848 (MM Board)
Plants : Kinokoko - Seeding (1L @ Marketplace)

Hair with Hat : NSP Florals - Josephine Cloche Hat (Sand) (GG, fee to join)
Jacket : Nocturnal Siren - Hooded Stylize the dead Jacket (Boo! Bunny Hunt 3, Oct 15 - 30) (Note : This jacket can't completely cover the outfit beneath it, I am using them in this post for styling purpose only)
Outfit : Precious Designs - Comes With Me Now (with texture hud) (SL F&O GG)
Shoes : jazzitude - TARDIS - Mary Janes (comes with complete outfit) (Oct GG)
Watering Can : MODEL POSES - Watering Can (comes with poses) (Free @ Marketplace)

All Heads : DOLLCOCO - DollHeads (GG)


  1. hello, can you say what skin do you use here?o.o

  2. Hi, petit prince
    I am using an old skin from the store "Jesylilo" (I think no longer available) to match the skin of the doll heads I used in this post. The doll heads are from DOLLCOCO, they are supposed to be wear with the doll body from the shop, since the body is not included in the gift, so I have to use my own body and find a skin that match the head's skin color. I need to modify my original head to as small as possible so it hides completely inside the doll heads, because the doll heads didn't comes with the head alpha too. Need some times to do this, but worth it because I love the doll heads so much :-p
    Hope this will help you, ^^
    Have a nice day !
    Cherie, xoxo