Friday, October 3, 2014

847. Good Hair Day

Stylelist :
Hair : MOON{Hair} - Polly Droll // ALL (GG)
Shirt : AMERICAN BAZAAR - Plaid Shirt Red (Oct GG)
Pants : LRH - Bleached White Denim Shorts (1L @ Marketplace, many colors to choose)
Shoes : PB Designs - Suede Mesh Ankle Boots (Brown, Black & Red) (SL F&O GG)
Socks : (fashionably dead) - Bossy Boots Sock Add-ons (Free)
Bag : ((BSD Design studio)) - HOPE_orange (SOM Gift, but I think the board don't do redelivery, so if you are not a member, can subscribe now for future gifts)

Hair : Little Bones. - Dark Chapel FULL GIFT (GG, fee to join)
Top : AMERICAN BAZAAR - Fall Top Caramel (Oct GG)
Pants : U:Refined {U.R.} - High Waist Black Leggings (comes with Lace Cropped Top) (Oct GG)
Shoes : RD Style - Sequin_High STUDDED Cork Platform (1L, The Bling Hunt)
Bag : ((BSD Design studio)) - EYE Candy Handbag - Zebra (Cosmopolitan Club & Lounge GG, limited time)


  1. Hi,
    So I joined the PB Designs group for the Suede Mesh Ankle Boots you showed above (I even made the group the only one active in my groups) but it keeps saying that the group tag must be worn in order to receive the folder. Can you help me?
    BTW: I absolutely love your blog, it's the #1 blog I go to and the clothes you find always give me ideas for different outfits to make. :)

    1. Hi, Season1027 :-)
      What a special name, any meaning? ;-p
      Yes, I understand the situation, happened to me so many times already. This means something is wrong with the gift board, so you have to send the owner/designer a notecard informing them the situation and hope they can fix it soon, normally they will respond fast and fix it asap, very nice of them ! ^^
      Ok, hope you can get the boots soon, and thanks for loving my blog, glad to hear i can help you find some great stuff to use in your styling, that is the amazing thing about fashion huh? one piece of clothing can be wear in so many different unique way, :D
      Have a nice day, <333

      Cherie, xoxo

    2. Hi Cherie,
      Thank you so much for helping me! I just finished sending in a message, I just hope I can get the boots as well; I have so many outfit ideas for them! And I guess the name has a little silly story behind that, but that's for another day. :)
      Thanks again! and expect me to come to you for any other help needed! (That is if you don't mind.)

      - Jaiza

    3. Hi, Jaiza

      You're welcome, ^^
      Feel free to ask any question, if I know the answer, surely I will help you :-)
      Cya !

      Cherie, xoxo

    4. Hi Cherie,
      So I'm back again after getting a response from the owner and she told me that the Ankle boots gift is set to the sl frees & offers group and I would need to join that group to be able to grab the gift. I couldn't find that group anywhere, would you happen to know where it is?

      - Jaiza

    5. nevermind, I finally got it. :)

    6. Oh, my bad ! I thought you are SL Frees & Offers group member, so I assumed must be something wrong with the group board, now I read again you first message, yes, you did wrote it there you joined the PB group, sorry, lame me ! I need to do eyes check up, LOL
      But glad to hear now you finally got the boots, yay ! ^^

  2. That's the thing, I joined the SL Frees and Offers group a short while ago; I just completely forgot. Right after I sent you the previous message, it finally clicked in my head what the owner was talking about. But yeah i'm so glad I got the boots!