Saturday, July 3, 2021

1263. Sweat

Stylelist :
Hair : Ade - Mila Hairstyle with hud (Free @ SLB18 Shop & Hop, June 17 - July 6) (Note : Get all direct TP to each store here)
Headband : {ABC} A Breakfast Convo - Headband Gift (Free @ Hair Fair 2021, Streaks Region, June 17 - July 4)
Outfit : Beyond - Aliseda - Black (with hud) (13Event Group Gift, open 13th of every month, not sure when is the closing date)
Shoes : tiller - Fanny Pack Slippers Fatpack (The Man Cave Event 4th Anniversary Group Gift, June 17 - July 11) (Note : This is ACCESS Group Gift too)
Bag : ExalteD - Bag Jay with hud (The Man Cave Group Gift)
Surfing Board : flow. Minimal Funboard Cover with hud (The Man Cave Group Gift)
Body Tattoo : DAPPA - Akuma Tattoo (The Man Cave Group Gift)
Face Tattoo : GESTALT - Pride Paints Fatpack (1L @ SLB18 Shop & Hop)
Lips Piercing : L'Emporio & PL (The Man Cave Group Gift)
Lips Wound : THIS IS WRONG - Jo Scar (Appliers & BOM) (ACCESS Anniversary Group Gift, June 12 - July 8)
Neck Wound : DAZED - Neck Wounds - BOM (The Man Cave Group Gift)
Armband : breath - KANJI armband Fatpack (The Man Cave Group Gift)
Goggles - 777 Motors - Basic Goggles (3 colors) (The Man Cave Group Gift)
Earrings - Fake Society - Safety Pins Earrings (3 colors) (The Man Cave Group Gift)
Beverage : Amitie - Matcha to go HOLD BENTO (ACCESS Group Gift)

Stylelist :
Hair : theMARS - Hair Lizzy Fatpack (Free @ SLB18 Shop & Hop)
Sunglasses : VELOUR HOMME - Connor Sunglasses (The Man Cave Group Gift)
Jacket : Addams - Jamila Fringe Jacket//N*19 (250L, paid with 500L Gift Card @ SLB18 Shop & Hop)
Top : Beautiful Dirty Rich - Bianca Tank Top with hud (Group Gift)
Pants : Lotus Flower - Avanne Jeans with hud (1L @ Marketplace)
Shoes : Veilance - BE TRUE Sneakers - Radar (The Man Cave Group Gift) (Note : This is ACCESS Group Gift too)
Bag : MEMOIRE - Basketball Bag (Hand, Shoulder & Backpack) (ACCESS Group Gift) (Note : A free basketball backpack @ SLB18 Shop & Hop)
Body Tattoo : PREMIUM - PROTAGONIST Tattoo (ACCESS Group Gift)
Face Tattoo : Bolson - Farore (Head & Face Tattoo) (ACCESS Group Gift)
Necklace : L&B Lapointe & Bastchild - Swear Jett Coin Necklace (The Man Cave Group Gift)
Beverage : MadPea - Monster Pea Energy Can (The Man Cave Group Gift)
Skin : IVES Beauty - Meagan Skin (Genus & LeLU EvoX) (ACCESS Group Gift)

Stylelist :
Hair : Love - [October] Hair Fatpack (Free @ Hair Fair 2021, Redhead Region)
Top : Apple Blossom - Doll - Pride Edition Hud (Group Gift)
Pants : Beautiful Dirty Rich - Bianca Shorts with hud (Group Gift)
Shoes : CRIMEN - #Fatpack x Crimen Diamond (The Man Cave Group Gift)
Socks : goodstuff. Unlimited - Tube Socks (5 pairs, system layers only) (Free @ Marketplace)
Knee Guard : SEKA - Cute Pride Knee (Free @ Pride At Home, the event is over but the gift is still available at posting time, so get it ASAP if you want it! )
Bag : NOIR - Tony Backpack with hud (The Man Cave Group Gift)
Choker : Mosquito's Way - Hearts Choker with hud (Free @ SLB18 Shop & Hop)
Body Tattoo : Momo - LGBT Kawaii BOM/Evo X Gift (1L @ Marketplace)
Face Stickers : Astara - Unicorn Poop Face Stickers (Free @ SLB18 Shop & Hop)
Ice Cream : FenDuDu - Ice Cream Rabbit (Pink) (Free @ SLB18 Shop & Hop)

Extra Info 
Just pick up some gifts @ Veles Sim, ends July 3 ! So hurry go get them, will be taken away soon! (they are on the table near the landing area) :D


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    1. Thanks Jeanne for your sweet comment ! So many awesome events going on at SL right now ! It takes a long time to get all the gifts and post them, haha, glad you enjoy it ! Have a nice day! :D
      Hugs & kisses <333

  2. hi hun, all u show us as the gifts is perfect,thank u so much, i know u spend too much time to find and match them in ur,love from me, hug and kisses 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

    1. Thanks sweetie! Always a joy to read your message, enjoy the gifts, many expiring soon, take them ASAP, haha! :D
      Hugs & kisses !!! <333