Tuesday, February 19, 2019

1123. No Fear

Stylelist :
Hair : No.Match - No_Difference - All Colors (Midnight Mania Board Prize, rotating prizes) (Note : The board is taken away now, not sure when it will be back, instead a free gift is available)
Hat : C'est la vie! - pretty big fedora (Past Gift)
Dress : Petite Mort& Oubliette - Petite Mort - Spring Dress (4 colors) (Group Gift)
Shoes : SKIFIJA - Biker Sexy High Heel Boots - black (Free @ AJUDA SL BRASIL)
Bag : Female Create Bag (H2) (From Library - Accessories - Bags)
Choker : RxK - Nina Choker (Free @ AJUDA SL BRASIL)
Earrings : OXIDE - Hex Earrings with hud (SOM Gift)
Bracelets : Fusion - Belted Multi Bracelets Unisex (Free @ Marketplace)

Hair : No.Match - All Day Mania *Special* - No_Fear (Free for today only!)
Hat : Nyu - Mesh Fedora Hat (SOM Gift, subscribe to get it)
Top : Pixicat - Breeze Tunic (Pattern) (XOXO 2019 Hunt Prize, the hunt is over, but the device is still available in store @  posting time, go try your luck! :D Or you can buy it at 50L)
Skirt : Sn@tch - Lilou Peasant Skirt (Pewter) (10L @ Marketplace) (Note : This is resold item, so only limited quantities available)
Shoes : Petite Mort & Oubliette - Oubliette - Cabaret Boots with hud (Group Lucky Board)
Bag : DMCreations - Handbag Mesh Black (&White) (Free @ Marketplace)
Earrings : Gossamer Jewellery - Love Surrender (3 patterns) (Group Gift)
Bracelets : The Rove - Gold Cuffs Mesh (Free @ Marketplace)


  1. This is one of your best posts, I love the "ethnic-goth" look! Congrats Cherie, you never disappoint us! ♥ (btw, this is my third or fourth comment on this post, I don't know why they disappear but I'll keep on comment, lol)

    1. Thanks, Jeanne ! <333 Yes, you got it right, haha, when I got the beautiful tunic, I was thinking I want to create a boho-goth kind of look, and I love the result! :D
      And Sorry the system is teasing you to post your comment! Glad you don't give up ! :P
      Enjoy your weekend ! Hugs