Thursday, November 8, 2018

1093. LOTD 091118 SLFO Hunt - EXMACHINA, HOT FUSS, Entice, Ch's Designs

Stylelist :
Hair : MOON - Small with hud (Midnight Mania Board Prize, random prize everyday)
Jacket with Shirt : EXMACHINA - Muraoka Jacket (SLFO Hunt Prize, Nov 3rd - 25th)
Skirt : S@BBiA - Geometric Skirt, comes with top, see Pic 3 (Free prize for Mini Game In Store)
Shoes : [MODA] - Denise Boots Fatpack - Leopard (Free)
Bag : ((Lovely Alien)) - Spell Purse - Evergreen (Gimme Gacha Group Gift, until Nov 30th, many gifts!)

Hair : MOON - Zoloft with hud (Group Gift, pay fee to join)
Shirt : N-Uno - Darina Denim Shirt //N1 (Group Lucky Board Prize, pay fee to join)
Pants : DIRAM - Savina Halloween Pants, comes with blouse (1L Group Gift) (Note : Don't know why only certain group members can excess the store now, maybe under remodelling? But if you still want the pants and other gifts, take the tp and when you land, you'll get a "leave in 60 secs"security warning, no worry, just fly to the red arrow direction and follow the blue line indicator, you shall be able to locate & buy the gifts, while flying above the store, LOL^^)
Bag : Noe Pochette Nude (TRES CHIC Event Group Gift, Oct 20th - Nov 10th))
Earrings : HOT FUSS - "Suri" Earrings (SLFO Hunt Prize, see vendor's pic)

Stylelist :
Hair : [NYNE] - Dymitria with hud (Group Gift)
Outfit : Entice - Shine On Top & Skirt - Blue (SLFO Hunt Prize)
Shoes : Ch's Designs - Iris Heels with hud (SLFO Hunt Prize, see vendor's pic)

Hair : MOON - Humming with hud (Midnight Mania Board Prize, random prize everyday)
Outfit : S@BBiA - Geometric Sweater & Skirt (pink&blue)  (Free prize for Mini Game in store)
Shoes : Mangula - Elegant Heels 1 with hud (SOM Gift)

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