Thursday, January 21, 2016

1018. A Walk In The Park

Stylelist :
Hair : Besom - (old milk) Piled Up BUN!!! (The Fantasy Collective Christmas Pumpkin Hunt, I think the hunt ends today, 21st Jan 2016 or already over, so some of the prizes you can still find them in store and some already gone, for Besom, no longer available)
Halo : .Charm. - Butterfly Halo (TFC Hunt)
Dress : VALENTINA E. - Spinster Party Dress (TFC Hunt)
Shoes : Loorder of London - Parisian Nights (Womenstuff Hunt, the hunt is over but the hunt prize is still available in store now, not sure for how long, the red shirt is next to the womenstuff group joiner)
Earrings : Tchelo's - Earrings Heart (SOM Gift)

Hair : Sentinus Design - Fitted Mesh jandy Hair AllColors (GG)
Flower : Enfant Terrible -Eyecatcher (TFC Hunt)
Dress : CLOCKHAUS - LENA Night Dress Black (TFC Hunt)
Shoes : JUMO Fashion - Diamond Heels Black (GG)

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