Sunday, October 4, 2015

966. Far Away

Stylelist :
Hair : MOON - Brunettes - Tangerine (Past Gift)
Jacket : Hilly Haalan - Maxima Jacket (Sl Frees & Offers GG)
Top, Skirt & Boots : Brii Underground Wear -FELISA Black Version Witch Style (comes with hat, necklace, gloves etc) (GG)
Bag : United Colors - Eclipse Studs Black Bag (Past Hunt Gift, but still available in store today, not sure for how long though, if you missed it before, this is last chance to get it, buy the little red shirt among the jackets)

Hair : Little Bones -Gardenhead (GG, fee to join)
Hat : C'est La Vie! - pretty big fedora black (GG)
Coat : ZanzE -Shena Coat (comes with sexy suit) (GG, many gifts in the store!)
Shirt : M*Motion - Welcome Gift Long Shirt (GG) (Note : This pic is edited so the shirt & coat are wearable together)
Pants : (Elate!) - Zoey Jeans (Newbie Starter Pack) (Free @ Free Dove)
Boots : Braham Design - Alexis Black Long Boots (comes with White Black Mesh Bag) (GG)
Bag : The Vintage Touch -Boho & Zen Fringe Bag (Shadows) (GG)

Location : The Far Away (Thanks Ziki Quest's)

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