Sunday, September 28, 2014

841. Midnight

Stylelist :
Hair : EMO-tions - *JONA*(black) (with texture hud) (New GG)
Cardigan : *~~FL~~* - GIFT Cardigan autumn beige (Free @ Marketplace)
Top : LEONARD - Loose Bead Top (GG, fee to join, store is closing at the end of September :-( )
Pants : IAF - Ripped Jeans (Brown Faded) (Free)
Shoes : MoiMoi - Leah Sandalet Fatpack (SL F&O GG) Many new gifts!
Bag : MoiMoi - Elegant Bag Black (SL F&O GG)
Ring : Miss LT Creations Studio - Achan mesh ring (comes with necklace & earrings) (Free @ OMG Room)
Skin : Mother Goose's - Victoria (1L)

Hair : PR!TTY - Elle Fatpack (GG)
Glasses : SUPER NERD Glasses (Free @ Marketplace)
Top : Eaters Coma - Sweatshirt/Tokyo ( GG)
Pants : KlubWerK - haremGIFT (grey&black) (Free) (Updated : No longer available, new gift on!)
Shoes : Brii Underground Wear - Neith Flat Sandals (comes with complete outfit) (1L, limited time)
Bag : The Vintage Touch - VT Fallen Leaf Messenger Bag (The Last Leaf Hunt)
Coffee : Needful Things - Ice-Coffee 2 Go (Old Gift)


  1. pants of the girl on the right, there are more false advertising

    1. Hi, Michele

      Sorry I don't quite understand your comment, can you elaborate ? something is wrong with the pants?

  2. I think what she meant was that we couldn't find the pants shown on the right

  3. Hi, Shelly & Michele :-P

    If the case is you can't find the pants in the shop, i went to the shop and check, i am sorry to say the owner has replaced it with a new gift, which is a skirt, she removed the gift from SOM history too, so i am afraid you can't get it now, this is the thing about SL freebies, we will never know when the owner will take the gift away.
    Hope this will answer your question, hv a nice day
    PS: Thanks for info Shelly <3

    Cherie, xoxo

    1. That's okay I totally understand thanks for the reply :)
      p.s. I love your blog it was one of my inspirations for opening up my own blog xoxo

    2. Oh, congrats and have fun with you blog ^^ we can exchange links huh? ;-)
      Hugs & Kisses

    3. thank you :) sureee!!! i have already added you on my blogroll :P hehe mine is :D

  4. thanks for adding me to your blogroll :) i appreciate it <3