Wednesday, March 5, 2014

741. Bones Collector

Stylelist :
Hair : Little Bones. - Bang Bang/These Boots (GG, check notice)
Glasses : Sheik Bags - Dexter White (Free, camp for 5 mins)
Dress : Bella's Lullaby - Elegant Long Coat (GG)
Scarf : Bliss Couture - Knit Scarf with flexi frills (blue) (Closing Hunt Gift #45)
Shoes : FLG - Boots Green Romance"s (FLG 10000 members GG, limited time!)
Bag : Sheik Bags - Elive Rust (Lucky Chair)
Newspaper : Label Motion - My Newspaper (Old Gift)

Hair : Little Bones. - Full Moon (New GG, check notice)
Glasses : DeLa* - Sunglasses "De1" for ladies (Old Gift)
Dress : J.Allen - Red Coat Charlotte (FLG 10000 members GG, limited time!)
Shoes : Iffyta - Abby's Leather Solids Stiletto Studded Mesh Heels (8 colors) (1L @ Marketplace)
Bag : Sheik Bags - Sola brown tote (Free, 5 colors! <3) (To get the bag, click on the panel the color u want, so the bag u want will go to the middle of the panel, click on yr desired bag again so a menu will pop up, select "deliver", u will get the bag send to u, but i don't know how long this will be free, so take it now if u like it)

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