Sunday, February 26, 2012

403. Hello 2012

Stylelist :

Hair : Mina Hair - Dido Black (Seraphim group gift)
Glasses : ShadZ Eyewear - *Glasiz* FreeHugs (5 designs) (WOMENstuff Hunt gift)
Shirt : CENSORED - Top Ravena (Carnaval Hunt gift, ends 29th Feb, 7 mask to find)
Innerwear : Rotten Defiance - Black Lace Mini (Female gift) (My Rotting Valentine Hunt, ends 4th March, Hint : I like to eat alone. Under my stairs. WTF.)
Skirt : CHANDELLE - Skirt Mel. Valentine's Day (Hunt in store #03, ends 25th Feb, sorry for the late post, the items still available as i posted this, but dont know for how long)
Shoes : MPP - Wooden Heels - Pink (WOMENstuff Hunt gift)
Bag : CHANDELLE - Bag Marry. Valentine's Day (Hunt in store #01)
Nails : CHANDELLE - Nail Skirt Valentine's Day Pink (Hunt in store #04)
Both Skin : Mother Goose's - Lio (1L)

Hair : YunA'sHAIR - SALA 2 (2 types) (Group gift)
Glasses : ShadZ Eyewear - *Glasiz* Marilyn (WOMENstuff Hunt gift)
Shirt : sf design - diane (comes with grey pants) (WOMENstuff Hunt gift)
Pants : NV - LOVE KILLS Baggy (My Rotting Valentine Hunt, Hint : I like eating under benches.)
Shoes : FORSAKEN - RAWR! shoes (Seraphim group gift)
Bag : PRISS - Ereenu Oversized Clutch Pink (Past gift)
Necklace : CONCRETE FLOWERS - Celtic Heart necklace (Seraphim group gift)
Bracelet : KOSH - Iron Heart bracelet (Seraphim group gift)
Nails : VIRTUAL INSANITY - Querida Valentine Nails (Seraphim group gift)

Note : How's everyone doing? :-)


  1. OMG!!! How happy I am that you are again set to work))) bitter Tears don't leave me at the thought that you will no longer write posts....

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  3. Awww... Ahtohoba, you made my day ! :D Thanks for loving my blog and no more tears for u, well, except tears of joy ^^ Have a wonderful day !