Saturday, August 13, 2011

298. {SAD}{Zeery}{BedlaM}{Oh La La}{SZD}{humming}{Drakke Designs}

Stylelist :
Hair : EMO-tions - Carlotta / Blonde (Free)
Outfit : SAD - Intruder Unisex (Ocio Xtreme Hunt gift)
Scarf : Zeery - Grunged Scarf (MHOH6 gift)
Shoes : BedlaM - OZSTAR (MHOH6 gift)
Glasses : December - Glasses No. 65 (Past gift)
Bag : Oh La La - Shoulder Bag (Blue) (Ocio Xtreme Hunt gift)
Skin : Filthy - August group gift

Hair : booN - URC 519 hair gold (Group gift)
Jacket & Shirt : SZD - Deathless (part of man outfit) (Ocio Xtreme Hunt gift)
Pants : humming - denimPantsSet_Navy (long & short version) (1L)
Shoes : Drakke Designs - "Underworld" GothicCalf Boots (female version too) (Supernatural Hunt II gift)
Bag : Mentine - Tycoon Leather Pochette (Past gift)
Skin : Mamboo Chick - Lindsay (Lucky board)


  1. hi ... please can you help me .. i dont find the hair group gift from booN .. i see the group gift boards and the group notices but nothing i find

  2. Hi, Salma, i am sorry to tell you that the gift hair no longer available, i was late for an appointment and didnt go check it out at the store when i posted this entry, sorry if you've wasted times searching for it in the store...
    Have a nice day !