Thursday, June 16, 2011

251. {MALT}{Monroes}{Pixel Mode}{Iren}{SI*Freebies}{M*G*S}{TuttuiFrutti}{Sole SIsters}

Stylelist :
Hair : Aleida - Wippy - Brown (Group gift)
Top : MALT - Abegail Top (SOM gift, check notice)
Pants : Monroes - Ridin Nerdy Set Pants (ZombiePopcorn Hunt gift)
Shoes : Pixel Mode - Fae wedge - Pink White Plaid (SOM gift, but no redelivery, subscribe for next gift ^^)
Earrings : NHA! - Earrings Viola (Gift of June)
Glasses : Kanival - Shutter Shades (black & white) (1L)
Bangles : Grumble - Ladies Bobbles & Bangles (Paid by MM board gift card)
Bag : IS Design - Clear bag Yudetamago (Free)
All Skin : Filthy - Zombiepopcorn hunt skin

Stylelist :
Hair : Alli&Ali Designs - Bebe Hair Maroon (Group gift 3rd June)
Dress : Iren - Retro Shirt deep red (Summer Breeze Hunt gift, look for a green leaf, Hint : Birds)
Sandal : SI*Freebies - Rainbow Flipflop (Free)
Bare feet : Ratz Catz - Barefoot (can change the nails texture to diff. pattern) (ZombiePopcorn Hunt gift)
Anklet : Baby Monkey - Charm Anklet Silver (Gold & Silver) (Group gift)
Glasses : PsychoTroPia - Cherry Glasses (Got Pink Hunt gift, look for pink bottle, Hint: Outlet room)
Necklace : PsychoTroPia - PychoFlowerNecklace in green (Lucky board)
Bracelet : Elemental Earth Designs - Southwestern Stud Bracelets (Moolto Hunt gift, Hint : behind flower vase)
Bag : Les Petits Details - Summer Girl Bag (1L)
Hat : Les Petits Details - Peotry Hat (Moolto Hunt gift)
Lips : Les Petits Details - Natural Lipgloss - Peach (Past gift)

Stylelist :
Hair : SyDS - Amelia4 - Tea (Profile Pick gift)
Shirt : M*G*S - Off-shoulder dolman shirt LM British (Lucky board)
Bikini : TuttiFrutti - That's 70s Bikini (ZombiePopcorn Hunt gift)
Shoes : Sole Sisters - Jamie White (1L @ Marketplace)
Glasses : Kanival - Noir Lolita Sunglass brown (another color red) (1L)
Earrings : Baby Monkey - Mardi Gras earring (Past gift)
Necklace : ra'ta-j - cube necklace (Free)
Bangle : Metronome - Stripe Bangle (4 color) (Free)
Bag : Suki's Silken Fashions - Hawaiian Romantic Beach Basket (Nature's Hunt Treasure of The Ocean Hunt gift, look for a blue star)
Tattoo : PsychoTroPia - Sunny Tattoo (Depraved Summer Nights Hunt, until 30th June, look for a purple bottle)

Surf/Beach Sign - Creator : Blondie Niven
Note : Sorry for the late post of ZombiePopcorn Hunt stuff, it ended on 15th June, but if you still want the gift, can give it a try to search at the store, sometimes the owner would let it out longer. I recommanded the barefoot since it is summer time now, good to go with your bikini ;-p

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