Monday, April 11, 2011

198. {American Bazaar}{Jane}{Bad Juju}{Poised}{AZOURY}

Stylelist :
Hair & Shoes : Bad Juju - 50's Dolly (comes with a cute dress) (No Strings Attached Hunt gift, until 30th April, look for a doll box behind MM board)
Shirt : American Bazaar - The Whiz (comes with a pants) (The Whiz Hunt gift, until 15th May, look for a purple flower)
Pants : Jane - scalloped hipsters - melon (6 colors) (Free)
Nails : pulcino -Grass tattoo nail (SOM gift, check history)
Wings : Adoness - Nerida - Pink Wing (M&MH gift, until23rd April)
Skin : M.A.C - NC Pam PTM skin (Free)
Shape : Saabmarine - Eel Shape (Original shape) (M&MH gift)

Hair : Miamai - Jeanie Hair Sushi Brown (either group gift or SOM gift, forgot, lol)
Headband : Nushru - Ladybug Headband (Past sales item)
Outfit : Poised - Spring Pressie Box - Cropped Superwoman (3 designs) (Free)
Shoes : AZOURY - Les Talons Erine (M&MH gift, Hint : Upstair sofa)
Nails : pulcino - American Nail (Free)
Wings : Adoness - Nerida - Blue Wings (M&MH gift)
Skin : JeSyLiLo - pink - LightSkin (M&MH gift)
Shape : Saabmarine - Crab Shape (Original shape) (The Evil Bunny Hunt gift, until 30th April)

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