Wednesday, March 27, 2019

1133. Rewind

Stylelist :
Hair : Besom - Beautiful Maids with hud (Midnight Mania Board Prize, rotating prizes)
Bandana : R2A Creations - Head Bandana with hud (March Group Gift)
Jacket, Skirt & Shoes : LEGENDAIRE V.I.P - Courtney Outfit with hud (Group Gift, 49L to join)
Top : No Cabide - Happy Set Top with hud (Free, Old Gifts Box)
Bag : Label Motion - My Music Set (Past Gift)
Sunglasses : Gabriel - Leather Cover Sunglass Camel (1L @ FREEBIE "F")

Hair : Moon - Radio Romance with hud (Midnight Mania Board Prize, rotating prizes)
Top : GATO - Cereal Top for Maitreya (SOM Gift)
Skirt : N-Uno - Denim Skirt (4 colors) (1L @ Marketplace)
Shoes : T&C Creations VIP - Summer Purple Sandals (for Slink & TMP) (Group Gift, pay 1L to get the gift, automatic refund)
Walkman : Ducknipple - Sports Walkman on belt (Free @ Marketplace)


  1. Wonderful outfits, thank you dear Cherie!

    1. Thanks Jeanne ! Glad you like the outfits, mixed of retro & modern elements, fun fashion, haha
      Have a wonderful day, hugs ! <333