Wednesday, March 13, 2019

1130. Coffee, Tea or Me

Stylelist : Left to Right
Hair : Olive - The Alvie Hair with hud - Greyscale (Lucky Board Prize)
Headband & Lolly : Pr!tty - <3 Ears & Lollypop (4pack) (Free)
Top & Skirt : [QE] Designs - Sexy Bo Peep -Pretty Princess- with hud (Midnight Mania Board Prize)
Shoes : [QE] Designs - Akila Heels -Pretty Princess- with hud (Midnight Mania Board Prize)

Hair : Little Bones - Winona - The Blondie (Lucky Board Prize)
Dress : LEGENDAIRE V.I.P - Yuka Dress, comes with sandals in look 4 (Group Gift, 49L to join)
Collar : ((LovelyAlien)) - Peter Pan Collar - White Pearl (Past Gift)
Shoes : Hilly Haalan - Emmy Heels (Group Gift)
Eye patch : [Since 1975] - Pirate Eye Patch (Group Gift)
Earrings : [Since 1975] - Kindred Earrings (Group Gift)
Drinks : [Since 1975] - Spikey Coffee Mug (Group Gift)

Hair & Headband : Besom - Precious Petal with hud (Midnight Mania Board Prize, rotating prizes)
Dress & Shoes : No Cabide - Bella Set (Group Gift @ DM Store)
Drinks : Yokai - Hot Chocolate for Unicorn (Free)

Hair & Scarf : Besom - Cheeky with hud (Midnight Mania Board Prize, rotating prizes)
Dress : SAFIRA - Karina Fatpack (Group Gift, 50L to join)
Shoes : LEGENDAIRE V.I.P - Yuka Sandals (Group Gift, 49L to join)
Necklace & Earrings : Clavis. - Teatime Set (Group Gift)
Cherries : Les sucrecries de Fairy - Oh So Cherry (Free, red gift box under Oh So Cherry Dress)

Awesome gifts @ DM Store for different groups, all free to join except one (Third Life group, 10L to join)


  1. Hello! Just wanted to say that I am impressed by your blog and sense of style, especially since your outfits are mainly made out of freebies, dollarbies or group gifts. I love to come here for inspiration while I put my outfit together! Very well done! Thank you for your effort! I hope you will keep doing this for a long time <3

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful message ! Really appreciate it ! <333 Since I have limited budget in SL, so I always try to find some awesome gifts & freebies that I can use to create my posts, we are so lucky our generous designers are willing to spoil us with so many quality gifts, always grateful to them ! Glad to hear you like my style, drop by anytime to check out my new looks! :D
      Have a nice day ! Hugssss

  2. Hello!
    I just love your post and its amazing how many things we can find for free, and the quality is awesome. The designers are great for give us those lovely gifts.
    Thank you for always bring the best for us ^^

    I have one question too: which body is yours?

    1. Thanks sweetie ! <333 Yes, so many great gifts out there, just wish we can have more time to go look for it, haha
      I'm using a free mesh body called Ruth 2.0, it has only very basic function like hands, feet, alpha hud, limited skin hud etc. You can't use appliers for skin, nails, tattoo, stockings etc, but enough for me to wear mesh clothes in SL with the help of the alpha hud, the body is good to wear maitreya clothes. I'm using feets from other designer but it's no longer available (the feet in the Ruth package don't works for me)
      You can check out the mesh body here

      See you around ! Have a nice day ! ^^

  3. Hahaha yes xD
    Oh really? Ruth is really pretty ☆-☆
    Sad the feet are not available anymore but I'm happy the body is.
    Thank you for the attention ^^

    See ya! Have a nice day!

    1. Yes, as a freebie, Ruth is good since you can modify the shape to your need, and the mesh head I used is a group gift from GenesisLab group, 99L to join now, you can search and check back my previous posts, I put a link to the shop, I'm lazy to put it in my posts now because if you follow my blog, you should know that by now, haha, same mesh head I used all the time :P unless I found some awesome free heads in hunts, events etc, then I will mention it in my posts. Ok, just some additional info, have fun in SL ! Hugs ! <333