Wednesday, October 30, 2019

1197. S.O.S

Stylelist :
Hair : Little Bones. - Oleander - Essentials Hud (Lucky Board Prize, random prizes)
Hat : ALT Avatar Boutique - Nurse Avatar - Hat & Stethoscope for right look (Free @ Marketplace)
Top & Skirt : J-store Designs - Maly Outfit, comes with boots & hud (Group Gift)
Shoes : J-store Designs - Bet Boots, comes with outfit & hud (Group Gift)
Collar : Vincue - Yulie Collar (Free @ The Seasons Story, until Nov 2nd)
Syringe : ON_LINE. - Syringe Red (Past Hunt Prize at Panic of Pumpkin In Okinawa, 50L now, instruction of hunt here, until Oct 31st))
Rabbit : PKC - Mr Snuff (Kustom9 Anniversary Group Gift, until Nov 9th)
Both Skin : Mother Goose's - Past Gift

Hair : Astrology - Xayara Hair - Bloody Fatpack (Past Halloween Gift, 50L per color pack now) (Update : Currently 4 gift hairs for all, VIP members get extra 3 gift hairs, usually gifts for non members are free for one day only and will be 50L the day after)
Outfit : J-store Designs - Aimee Outfit (Group Gift)
Choker : NINI Planet - Halloween Gift Choker - Black (Free @ The Seasons Story)
Syringe : Insomnia Angel - Syringe (Free @ The Seasons Story)
Book : [TNK] - NECRONOMICON (Past Hunt Prize at Panic of Pumpkin In Okinawa, 50L now)

Group Gift @ J-store Designs


  1. Great post as usual, dear Cherie! I have noticed the new models..are these new mesh heads or just system avatars? Thank you, hugs and kisses ♥♥♥

    1. Happy Halloween,Jeanne ! <333
      Thanks for your lovely message,the 2 new models are actually old gifts, it's skin from the shop "Mother Goose's", one of my all time fav skin designer ! Too bad the shop is closed now, it's for classic avatars only, I used SL default head to wear the skin and mesh body from Lucybody (thanks to u, they match well, haha!)for the rest of the outfit, I need a cute face that can show some expressions for this post, the usual mesh head I used can't do that.
      Hope you have a spooktacular day today ! ^^ Hugs & kisses

  2. Mother Goose has been my fav designer too! I own many Mother Goose's skins and her blog was great (still online but not updated since 2014, here's the link Your blog always reminds me of it, a lot of gorgeous outfits and freebies, thank you for all your hard work my dear! Have a nice day! ♥♥♥

    1. Yes, thanks Jeanne!<333 I know the blog but I lost the link, good to see it again now, hehe, but I'm sad she closed her shop in SL and stop blogging too, I hope one day she will return to SL and gives us more awesome designs!
      Have a fabulous week ! Hugs !! :D