Friday, April 1, 2016

1058. Hope Floats

Stylelist :
Hair : LALA Moon - Mesh LOLLI POP Black (LB Prize)
Dress : BlackRose - Myconos Dress (2 pattern) (GG, check notice or available in store too)
Shoes : Garbaggio -  Studded Pumps - White&Gold (SaNaRae Event LB Prize)
Balloon : 8f8 - Baby Black Kite (Free)

Hair : Lo*momo - Muguet  (GG)
Dress : Sorbet. - Robe en Dentelle [Seafoam]  (SaNaRae Event LB Prize)
Shoes : [DMS2] - Shoe Kelly Slink High Lilas, other colors available too, and a free complete outfit at DMS2 booth (1L @ Essential Fashion Event Happy Easter Egg hunt)
Bubbles : Cubic Cherry Kre-tions - Amore Bubbles (Magic of Oz 2016 Easter Egg Hunt, you need to read the rules of hunt b4 u start)

Background Balloons : La Biche - Hope floats @ Sanarae (SaNaRae Event LB Prize)

Where the Sea Meets the Sky

Stylelist :
Hair : [Entwined] - Elisa (with hud) (GG)
Dress : BASTA! - Being Spoiled (Plum) (Easter Hunt Prize #6, there are 7 to find)
Shoes : Hilly Haalan - Daline Strap Heels (GG)

Hair : MOON. - Sordid Affair (with hud) (Group MM Board, fee to join)
Top : Farspire Fashion Design - Graffiti Sweater (GG)
Skirt : Farspire Fashion Design - Liza Skirt (Womenstuff Hunt, the hunt is over)
Shoes : SMC - Open Side Pumps - DB (LB Prize, store closed?)

See No Evil

Stylelist :
Hair : Love Hair - Stressed Out - Gift <3 Jet Black & Cream Ombre (+ Cherry & Vanilla Ombre) (SaNaRae Event LB Prize)
Dress : M*Motion - C16-03 Military Dress (Kiyomizu Spring Treasure Hunt)
Shoes : Venus Shoes - Stefy (with hud) (!Maitreya Maniac! GG)
Bag : Loordes of London - Sac de Marin - Red Olive/Gold (GG, check notice)

Dress : BASTA! - UNCHARTED - (Olive) Jersy Dress (Easter Hunt Prize #2)
Shoes : H@S - March 2016 GG (GG, fee to join)
Bag : AsteroidBox VIP - Spikey Bag of Doom! (GG)


Stylelist :
Hair : [NANI] - Aiko. Hair (with hud) (SOM Gift)
Glasses : {*::1mg::*} - merry 6x6 black glasses (Past Gift)
Sweater : M.I.X. - Winter Sweater (6 colors) (GG)
Scarf : ::K:: - Gauze Scarf Homme/Femme (GG@ TMD Sim)
Jeans : Poison - Skinny Jeans Black_Mesh (GG, store closed?)
Shoes : *Ran* - Lace Back Shoes Red (Group LB Prize)
Toasts : NS:: - AFK and Love Toast (1L)

Hair : YUMYUM - barberyumyum*53 (mix blue) (SaNaRae Event LB Prize)
Dress : !cream spaghetti hair! - Kelly Dress (with hud) (Kiyomizu Spring Treasure Hunt)
Shoes : Vanity Dream Store - Nike men tennis shoes - Gold black (Free)
Bag : [AVENGE] - Cat Clutch (April GG)
Necklace : Gossamer Jewellery - Necklace - Little Sparrow (GG)

Hi, :)
It's time to take a break from blogging again. Always a big THANK YOU to all designers for your amazing gifts, and to all of you who have visited my blog and give me your sweet comments, thankssss <333, hope you are having a great time in SL like me too ^^
Enjoy your 2016 and hopefully we will see again one day, hugs & kisses !!!

Cherie, xoxo


  1. Just saying that I love your blog so much. It helped me a lot since I'm broke xD


    1. Haha, thanks for the love ^^, that's the cool thing about SL, u can enjoy fashion too even if you're broke, LOL
      But I hope u can be "unbroke" very soon XD
      XOXO <333

  2. I am sure we are all ready for you to come back, I know I am :)
    Hope you are well and are having a wonderful First Life!

    1. Thanks for you love, River ! Really appreciate it ! Time flies, I hope you are having a wonderful first life too ! Hope you will keep supporting my blog, have a nice day sweetie ! Muackssss !!

    2. So sweet of you, River !!! <333 Hugs !

  3. It's been two years, hope your ok. Miss your posts hope you come back one day, God bless xxx

    1. Thanks demitris, yes, can't believe I'm away for 2 years already! Thought I will never blog again, haha, but Second Life is too addicted, as always ! Really appreciate your love, god bless you, sweetie, hope to see you around ! Hugs & Kisses :D