Monday, September 28, 2015

962. Can't Get You Out Of My Head

Stylelist :
Hair : pr!tty - Lakua (GG)
Hat : [Neurolba Inc.] - Cap Brand V5.0.2 (Free @ Marketplace)
Glasses : [ZOOM] - Weed's Wood Sunglass (Free)
Blazer & Top : Gomun Horangi - Compromise (2L, Femboy Hunt 7, Sep 1 - 30)
Pants : AMM Life & Style Magazine - Outfit Chicas (comes with top) (Free)
Shoes : Dahllywood - My Sneaker Love Affair (4 designs) (4L, Best Food Forward PT#2 Hunt, Sep 20 - Oct 4)
Cookie : M.I.X.  - *Love (Free)

Hair : MOON - Mias La II (GG, fee to join)
Hat : Flans - Pom Pom Hat (3 designs) (Free @ Marketplace)
Top : Cocoroni - Baseball T-shirt (GG)
Pants : IMBUE - Yingyang patch Shorts (4 colors) (GG)
Shoes : COCO - PlatformSneakers (GG)


  1. Hola Cherie, he estado buscando el pelo de moon que anuncias pero no lo he encontrado. Donde está?

    1. Hi, Ciara, sorry I don't understand your language, ;-p, I used google translator and if I am not mistaken, you can't find the moon hair? it is with all the other group gifts on the rack behind the front desk huh? maybe you can go again and check out, hope you can get it soon, ;D
      Have a nice day.