Wednesday, November 19, 2014

891. Rock Paper Scissors

Stylelist :
Hair : TRUTH - Bunny - light blonds (Past Gift)
Jacket : LAVAROCK CREATIONS - LITA Jacket Black Leather & Suede (Free @ True Fashion Times)
Top : COCO - Tank Top White (Free)
Pants : Bella's Lullaby - Denim Shorts (Part of complete outfit) (GG)
Shirt on Waist : COCO - Shirt-tied-around-waist_Girlish Check (Past Gift)
Boots : Baby Monkey - Szondi Boots All Colours (GG, fee to join)
Necklace : [Opal] - Peace Hazey Necklace (SOM Gift) <3 Moonsoul

Hair : !lamb. - Heart - Honeycomb Roots (SOM Gift)
Sunglasses : [CO57] - Feline Sunglasses Bubblegum (GG, fee to join)
Outfit : FLG - Outfit Mesh Anger Momen (including heels) (GG)
Bag : Shifting Reality - Chihuahua in bag fashion cute (GG)
Necklace : [Opal] - Angel Wings Cobalt blue-gold (The Jerkey Turkey Hunt 4, Nov 15 - 30)


  1. I absolutely adore your blog! I check it daily (sometimes multiple times a day) to find out where I can get great freebies or cheap ideas for an outfit! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!

  2. Hi, Tishi
    Thanks for the comment ! <333
    Always great to know that someone appreciate the effort I put into doing this blog, :-))
    Hope you can find something you like here and have fun dressing up in SL !
    Always too many cool stuff to grab, but too little time to blog, haha, see you again soon, hugs & kisses
    Cherie, xoxo