Friday, August 1, 2014

795. Red White Blue

Stylelist :
Head : DOLLCOCO - Doll Heads - Lily (GG)
Hair : Chichickie! - Yellow Star - Tanya Synergy Pack (Hair Fair Celebration Hunt)
Glasses : HOLLYHOOD - Mesh Black Shore Sunglasses (Free @ The Aloha Fair 2014)
Dress : Minnie's - Mesh Denim Tunic Dress (Minnie's Ice Sundae Hunt gift #8, need to join Soul2Soul group) (The hunt is over, but the gift is still available for now)
Shoes : MoiMoi - Swag Leather Boot (with texture hud) (SL Frees & Offers GG)
Bag : MIEL - Messenger Bag (Past Gift)
Ear Cuff : MoiMoi - The Ear Cuff (part of Summer Hopes Outfit) (SL Frees & Offers GG)
Bracelets & Rings : No Cabide - Mesh Bracelet & Ring_Jewelry Set WHITE (1L @ Marketplace)

Hair : Little Bones. - Cosmic Fatpack (1L, not sure if only for group member)
Headband : {amiable} - Headband (4 texture, cute <3)(GG)
Top : *::1mg::* - Waffle Knit (cream) (Free @ TOV Korea)
Skirt : MoiMoi - Dalia Skirt (part of Get Gold Summer Outfit) (SL Frees & Offers GG)
Shoes : Minnie's - Mesh Men Sneakers Navy (Minnie's Ice Sundae Hunt gift #9)
Bag : MoiMoi - Adda Clutch Bag Pink Relax (part of  Cutie Nerd Outfit) (SL Frees & Offers GG)



  1. Hi, Cherie.
    I read your blog for a long time and i like your blog.

    And I have a proposal for you.
    I have my own shop on the Marketplace, where I sell shapes, eyes, tattoos and a few clothes.
    I invite you to cooperation with my shop. You will sometimes make looks with my shapes, tattoo, eyes, etc.
    And I will search for you free cloth, gifts from groups and hunts (I have some of sources) and will help make you the looks. If affairs go well, sometimes I'll sponsor you.
    If you are interested, please write me message.
    If not, then let me know too.
    Thank you.

    p.s. sorry for my english. I was helped by Google translator, because i'm russian and I know english medium.
    xoxo ^^

    1. Hi, Anna
      Thanks for the love & offer ! ^^ Such a big honor to me, always great to know someone is recognizing my works here, <333
      I wish i can work with yr creations too, but RL schedule and blogging here already took up most of my time, so for now I guess I will stick to blogging about freebies & cheapies in SL without committing to any designer, that way I can "disappear" for a while whenever RL is getting too busy or I get fed up of dealing with SL's lag, LOL :D
      Thank you again for the proposal, I was wondering what is the name of yr shop @ marketplace? maybe I can use some of yr creations in my future posts?
      Hope to see you around here, sweetie, hugs & kisses
      PS : Your pic is cool ! why is every russian looks like a model huh? ^^
      PS2: English is not my 1st language too, so no worry, I can understand u well ;P

      Cherie, xoxo

    2. I am very pleased that you answered :3 you are very cute ♥
      Thank you! ^^
      Yes, of course I understand that it takes a lot of time. But I'll try to help you. I'll try to make looks and will fold them to you, and you'll have to put them in the blog at a convenient time for you.
      By the way, my shop
      There's not a lot of things, because the store is relatively new. It is not expensive, but not free. But you as my partner I'll give these things for free :3
      I hope there's something you like.

      p.s.: Thanks for your compliment. But I am sure that you also looking amazing :P
      p.s.2: We need to find a social network where we can personally write. Or do this all the time under your posts? :D Maybe Facebook or Google+ ?

      with love,

    3. Hi, Anna
      How are you ? :-)
      I guess maybe you misunderstood my last message? never mind, I will contact you inworld huh? ^^
      Cya !
      Cherie, xoxo

    4. Hi, Cherie
      I'm fine :) And you?
      I well understand you. You sometimes "disappear" from here, so you do not want to adhere to some of the designer. But I just offered to help you in blogging. I suggested to you that I did free looks for you.
      But if you do not want .. okay :3
      By the way, you looked my store? Liked something?
      Well, I'll be waiting for your message. My name in SL: beautifully

      Anna, xoxo