Saturday, March 8, 2014

744. Actually Free

Stylelist :
Hair : Little Bones. - Blue Monday (New GG)
Dress : Langly - Peter Pan Collar Dress (Actuality Birthday Hunt @ {cAFe}, March 6 - 23)
Shoes : Duh! - Dolly Pumps Fully Wearable Demo - Brown (Free)
Socks : Edelweiss - School-Line Socks (Free @ Marketplace)
Bag : *Cranberry* - rose clutch - emerald (ABH)
Ring : Encore - Sunburst Ring (Free @ Marketplace)
Both Skin : [PUMEC] - Daria - Spring (ABH)
Both Eyes : Langly - eyes pack #2 - Brown (ABH)
Both Lips : -MR- Frutty Lips (ABH)

Hair : Eaters Coma - Gift No.3 - Sandy Blonde (GG)
Top : Langly - Top (ABH)
Pants : Langly - Black Jeans (ABH)
Shoes : !Redemption! - Hippy Heel (have to wear with SLink Medium Feet) (Free @ Marketplace)
Bag : Wallipy - handbag [MESH] 3 colors (Free @ Marketplace, limited quantities)
Ring : D.D.M. Designs - Om Earth Beads Onyx Ring (Free @ Marketplace)
Earrings : *Cranberry* - Gold earrings + bow (ABH)

Prizes for Actuality Birthday Hunt
This is a simple and fun hunt with lots of great gifts ! At landing point, take the hint list and you will be able to find all the gifts easily, don't miss it ! :-)

{cAFe} Gifts  : While hunting, I came across some free gifts in the store, nice stuff ! Not sure if there are old or new gifts tho, check them out (there is an umbrella too) : D

Stylelist :
Hair : *Milk* Hair - Oh Cecilia (with texture hud) (GG)
Dress : !BriLan! - Strapless Asymmetric Dress leather mesh black (Free @ {cAFe})
Necklace : Peace - gift (3.01.2014 Gift) (Free @ {cAFe})

Hair : D!va - Hair "Diva2" (GG)
Dress : {cAFe} Gift - Langly - Classy Dress Coat (Free @ {cAFe})
Necklace : Peace Bird - gift (3.01.2014 Gift) (Free @ {cAFe})


  1. :( sorry to bother any clue where is the dress, I think is 11, found everything but the dress :|

    1. Hi, cherry flavored ;-)
      If I'm not mistaken, the dress is at yard sales section, near the landing point & gifts place, there is a tp board to yard sales section huh? tp to the place, it is somewhere behind a sign board. Sorry, I should have mentioned this special one in the post, but sometimes doing posting & linking is tiring when you have many LMs and info to take care of, so I forgot,haha, hope this will help ^^
      Have a nice day XD

      Cherie, XOXO