Tuesday, September 24, 2013

643. The Inevitability Of Fate

Stylelist :
Hair : cheveux - HairF034 Lucky Letter Ver. Resize (Group Lucky Board)
Headband : Rotten Toe - Creepy Doll Heads Tiara (GG, fee to join)
Dress : Rotten Toe - Antique Doll Dress (GG)
Stockings : Curious Kitties - Fishnet Leggings (Free @ Marketplace)
Shoes : Baby Monkey - Marcela Boots Teal (with texture hud) (Group Lucky Board, fee to join)
Skin :Rotten Toe - Special Spring Skin (GG)
Eyeball : Boof - Nummy Eyeball (can change color) (Free @ Marketplace, many cute & funny stuff by the creator! <3)
Makeup : Rotten Toe - Why So Sad Eye Makeup  (GG)

Hair : Action Womens Hair - Angelique (Sept GG, fee to join)
Headband : Action Womens Hair - Monster Eyes [Sweetie] (Sept GG)
Dress : KnocKeRs - Alice Dress (comes with hat, handbag & gloves) (5L, Alice In Boobie Land Hunt, look for yellow play card)
Stockings : madeleine - Hungry Hearts tights (Can't find the shop)
Shoes : CHANDELLE - Shoe Cice (Chandelle Design FREE GG)
Skin : JeSyLiLo - OlegDouPierrot - GoStTon *(Teeth)* (GG, fee to join)

Location :
The Inevitability Of Fate - An art installation from Rose Borchovski, a touching story of the angry mother Beth and her child Lot, set in war time. So many details you can explore as you travel from scene to scene in this amazing sim, and many props related to the story can be pick up at every scenes. And for Susa Bubble, she is the brainchild of Rose's previous installation. The facial expressions on the characters are just breathtaking. To know more about this artist and her concept, you can check her out at this interview.

The Story of  Susa Bubble

The Story of Beth & Lot


  1. Gosh am I blind? I cannot find the lucky board at cheveux...?

    1. Hi, Yukari, sorry for the slow reply, my pc got sick :-(
      Good news is you are not blind, lol
      Bad news is i check at the store, i am afraid the owner has taken away the lucky board, well, that is the thing with SL freebies, "now you see it, now you don't", never know know when the gift will be gone.
      Have a nice day !