Thursday, August 11, 2011

296. {booN}{kal rau}{Royal Blue}{aMuse}{LeLutka}{M*Motion}{KIWI}{SIMEUSAKO}

Stylelist :
Hair : booN - LLR726 hair blonde (Group gift)
Shirt : kal rau @ Mimi's Choice - Brown Leather Jacket (Free @ Men Department)
Pants : Royal Blue - Vintage Denim Shorts In Spot (Free)
Shoes : aMuse - TOTATF hunt gift (the hunt has ended but the gift is still available in the store now, so could be yr last chance to get it if u like it ! ;-p, buy the sculpt red fish on the wall)
Scarf & Bag On Shoulder : Splendeurs Surfwear - Camponi Scarf & Shopping Bag (part of an outfit, male and female version) (Ocio Xtreme Hunt gift, need to join group)
Bag On Hand : Y&R - street snap pose set tools - Shopping Bag, Coffee in 2nd pic and an icecream (Free, buy the pose vendor near the lucky board)
Glasses : Kennedy's - Sunglasses Red Floral (3 types) (SOM gift, check notice)
Cat : SIMEUSAKO - mike neko min ( 3 types, so cute! ^^) (Free)
Skin : Filthy (August group gift)

Hair : LeLutka - RUSH Hair (SOM gift)
Outfit : M*Motion - C11-19 Towel Cloth Tops (Lucky board @ SELECT SHOP)
Shoes : KIWI - Dirty Rainbow Chuck (MHOH6 gift)
Socks : Pig - Starlust Egg Hunt - Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders - Sherbet (Free)
Scarf On Shoulder : U.N.I - Sweater Around Shoulders (part of an outfit) (Ocio Xtreme Hunt gift)
Earrings : MV - Cuppynoms Earrings (Cupcake War  Hunt)
Cat : SIMEUSAKO - neko Syamu 04-4 (Free)
Skin : booN - Skin SHIKI (Group gift)
Eyeshadow : Sorry.Asia - Ox Make-up emerald (3 colors) (Ocio Xtreme Hunt gift)

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