Friday, January 28, 2011

111. {Sassy Kitty Designs}{Shadow Moon}{GizzA Creations}{Heartsick}

Stylelist :
Hair : Exile - Kendra/Sahara (free)
Hat : MDL - Hat 2000 Subscribe (SOM gift)
Glasses : MonS - Glasses "Back to School" Black (Group gift)
Shirt : Sassy Kitty Designs - Argyle Pulls Red (Midnight Mania Board)
Pants : Shadow Moon - Denim Jeans w/ Chaps full back pocket (Lucky Board)
Shoes : GizzA Creations - Sports Shoes (part of sweater outfit) (Feb Group Gift)
Bag : Just In Nick of Time - Emotional Baggage (The Next Big Thing Hunt gift, until 12th Feb, look for lightbulb)
Pencil : Malizz Yiyuan - PencilNose (1L for group member)
Iphone : Malizz Yiyuan - Typing Phone (the phone only shown when u r typing) (1L for group member)
Keyholder : Secret Passion - V.I.P. Keyholder (Group gift)
Memo on mouth : Acide - My resolutions for the new year (A Depraved New Year Hunt gift, until 31st Jan)
Watch : Mikan Ya  - groupbox-wristband-watch (Group gift)
Skin : Heartsick - Spirit Reworked Beta (Group gift)
Location : mudshake - bookworm manor


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